Training and Consultancy

While they may approach things from varying perspectives, the overarching aim of every session and service I offer is to more effectively release our individual and collective potential. To create circumstances in which we feel able to make the most of our lives, not only for our own benefit, but for those around us too.

Each session can be tailored for delivery in various formats ranging from a 90 – 120 minute introductory, to a half-day or whole-day session. By discussing your particular needs and concerns we will be able to shape the session such that it most effectively achieves the outcomes you’re seeking.

While all of the training topics available to you can be sculpted to meet any specific needs you may have, a series of ready-made 2-3 hour workshops has also been created for you to choose from. Each workshop explores a key area, expanding knowledge and understanding whilst also introducing specific and practical skills and techniques that participants can apply to immediate effect.

To see what workshops are currently available please click here.

While training for groups and individuals can be powerful and highly effective, interventions need to be seen in the wider context if they are to have maximum and sustained impact. It is for this reason that I offer consultancy services, working with you to explore issues of wellbeing and performance at a systemic and organisational level.